Many industries in Tyler, Texas rely on custom sheet metal fabrication, custom aluminum fabrication, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper crafted into a specific desired shape.

Utility / Construction

Precision is key in building a business that will last. It’s imperative that bolts, screws, and springs are precise for a perfect fit that will stand the test of time.

Utility companies need dependable parts to guarantee their crew trucks and equipment work how they should. This includes plumbers and electricians, natural gas and coal, telephone lines, and transportation. All of these fields need customized metal fabrication at times to get the job done and we are who they call.



Using CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication, we can create any custom sheet metal parts that may be needed for automotive repair or auto alterations.

If you’re restoring a classic car and need a new firewall or need special frame work and reinforcements for a race car, we can make the exact parts you need, right here in Tyler, TX.



You may think the only way custom metal fabrication can be used in East Texas hospitals is when doctors need a medical instrument created for a specific purpose.

However, metal fabrication comes into play in more areas of the medical field than may be initially recognized.

HVAC systems may need fabrication, but electronic equipment, customized hospital beds, sterilization cases of orthopedics, and customized medical carts may all be products of custom fabrication as well.


Oil & Gas

There is a high demand for fabricated metals in the oil and gas industry. Metal parts in the oilfield industry must be able to stand up to tough environmental conditions and wear and tear from constant use. Because of the nature of the oil field, replacement of these wearable metal parts is frequent.

Specifically, the demand for fabricated metal parts in Texas is at wellsites and on pipelines. This is because pipelines not only require parts that may need to be replaced after frequent use in harsh conditions but also gauges, platforms, beams, girders, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers.